Capacity Assessment

Why Choose John P. Sloan MD to do your medical mental capacity assessment?

Comprehensive Capacity Assessment:

No matter what the functional or medicolegal question at hand, Dr. Sloan possesses a comprehensive understanding of the relevant medical and legal issues, along with extensive experience, to conduct mental capacity assessments effectively. From ability to manage finances to complex questions of instructing legal counsel, his evaluation can provide you with a respected opinion using a consultative approach. Whether you are seeking a clear answer to capacity to perform legal tasks, or just need clarification of cognitive and other mental health issues, Dr Sloan delves into the intricacies of individual performance and offers insights that enable confident decision-making in litigation, family conflict, Wills and Trusts strategy, and guardianship planning

Personalized Mental Capacity Assessment Strategies:

No two capability issues are identical. Dr. Sloan uses personalized capacity assessment strategies tailored to the unique characteristics of the patient and the legal circumstances. Whether potential incapability problems include developmental disability, traumatic brain injury, mental illness such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, or the various stages of late-life cognitive impairment Dr. Sloan has the expert knowledge, tempered by decades of experience dealing with mental health issues in impaired and elderly patients, to provide carefully-reasoned opinions about performance of specific mental tasks. At the core of his approach is the belief that everyone is unique and is assumed to be capable until properly evaluated and documented. Dr Sloan’s evaluation will equip you with actionable information applicable to specific circumstances, and assist in developing effective strategy.

Professional Assessment Techniques:

Dr. Sloan’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the utilization of professional assessment techniques. His process goes beyond conventional assessments, incorporating innovative tools that provide a nuanced  understanding of mental capacity as it will be applied in specific circumstances. Stay ahead of the curve with a medical assessment that embraces capable mental health diagnostics. Dr. Sloan’s approach ensures that you receive an evaluation that is both informative and useful.


Medical-Evidence Evaluation:

Often where a patient is unavailable or deceased, mental capacity must be evaluated retrospectively using only documentary evidence. Dr. Sloan works with health records, affidavits from professionals and knowledgeable lay informants, and any other reliable information to determine where required mental capability at a time in the past. Typical scenarios include unexpected Wills executed near the end of life, and questions of capacity arising after death to make business decisions while alive.

Focused Medicolegal Practice:

Dr. Sloan has focused his health practice on medical legal work based on decades of experience, and mental capability evaluation is now the primary activity of his practice. Physicians with limited experience at mental capacity assessment may misunderstand legal concepts and terminology such as probable versus possible, cost of litigation, criteria for meeting legal tests, and the necessity for expert impartiality. Performing forensic or medicolegal evaluations requires a different approach to patients than the clinical work physicians are accustomed to. Even specialists in psychiatry or neurology may have difficulty shifting orientation in medicolegal work to being an advisor to the court, not to the patient. Be confident that Dr. Sloan as a focused expert offers an informed and experienced approach to medicolegal mental capacity assessment and that you will receive valuable help in formulating strategy, and a strong and complete report addressing your medicolegal question.

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