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Mental Capability

With over 40 years experience, Dr. John Sloan is your gateway to assessing mental competency and capabilities.

John P. Sloan MD: Prompt Expert
Medical Mental Capability Evaluation

Have yourself or your client undergo a mental capability evaluation conducted by Dr. John P. Sloan MD, assessing the ability to perform functional and legal tasks. This service serves as your pathway to determining mental competency and capacities. Dr. Sloan, a renowned and empathetic medical practitioner, provides a swift and task-focused method for documenting patients’ capabilities.

Mental Capability Evaluation

About John

I am a family physician who does mental capability evaluation for medicolegal purposes. Most of my clients are lawyers but members of the public also contact me directly.

Dr. John Sloan, mental capability evaluation provider


Katherine E. Ducey, Partner, Campbell Froh May & Rice LLP, Richmond BC.
“Our firm has worked with Dr. Sloan on a number of capacity assessments, primarily for estate planning purposes, and I personally have had the opportunity to have him testify in court about his report and findings. It is obvious that he has a great deal of knowledge and experience in this area and his reports are well laid out and easy to read. In my opinion, he was objective and reasonable when testifying in court. More importantly, he understands his role in providing a medical opinion based on the legal question on which he is asked to opine. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to conduct capacity assessments for medical legal purposes.”
Duncan Magnus, Magnus Law, Langley
“John Sloan has provided expert evidence and advice to me on multiple occasions relating to adult guardianship, committees, and capacity. I have found him to be available on short notice, and he provides reports in a timely and professional manner. His reports are well organized and clear. He is knowledgeable and, in my view, provides sound and helpful guidance on issues relating to competency and capacity.”
Aubrie Girou, partner, Alexander Holborn, Vancouver
“Dr. Sloan has been promptly available and provided well-organized opinions and reports. He is an informed and professional medicolegal expert in adult and juvenile incapacity matters.”
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I’m available 24/7 to assist with mental capability evaluations.